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Areas of expertise:
Finance, IoT, B2b, Energy, Real Estate

Ambition, hard work, entrepreneurship. This was the very specific set of values that I was taught, very very early on, and they shaped my life and my path. They have made me race after every opportunity, and take every chance. No matter how risky.

Years later, I left a comfortable, stable job at José de Mello to join a VC that was just starting, that nobody had heard about. And it was exactly that mindset that drove me to do it.

The VC, of course, was Shilling.

Now that I’m at Shilling, I feel really proud that I took that shot. I’m surrounded by incredible people. By super successful founders. Getting here feels like the crowning moment of my career.

Add it was always that ambition, and not being afraid of failure that pushed me at every step. That pushed me to push myself.

From working restaurants and bars at university, without any experience.
To founding Elecctro, and hitting head-on a number of real world challenges I’d never experienced as a consultant.

So that’s possibly the biggest advice I have for recent founders:
push yourself, by believing in yourself.
Sure, you’ll hit a few obstacles along the way. There’ll be low moments. You might even fail. Don’t be afraid of any of this.

Just make sure you take the opportunity to learn along the way.

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