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If you've got the idea, the team, and the drive, we'll help you get everything else.
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Is your startup based on a disruptive, tech-driven solution?

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Is it scalable and with great growth potential?

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Do you have a strong, balanced team?

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Not sure if we're the right people for you? Ask us. Like they say: drive it before you buy it. 

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Founders Asking Questions

Every founder is different, and has unique perspectives and queries. But these questions come back to us a lot.

Why Shilling?

An investor that is worth your time, needs to be worth more than just cash and credit.
It’s what else they’re bringing to the table that matters.

Shilling brings practical experience, insights into different markets, connections, mentorship and advice. The truth is: it’s a race to the top.
And because we’ve been where you are, we know a few shortcuts.

So when you need us, we’ll be the co-pilot you can trust to help you navigate tougher roads. But when you don’t, we’ll wait for you at the pits: we’re not backseat drivers and we don’t want to be.

How big should my startup be before I talk to Shilling?

Shilling was the first institutional investor in companies that raised over €200M from top VCs. That’s our way of saying: you don’t have to be very big. We’re looking for great tech-driven ideas, muscular, well-balanced teams and an agile and fast business models.

If you’ve got all that, let’s talk business. And if you don’t have all that yet, but you want to: let’s talk too.

Schedule a call and let’s see if we can build up on what you have.

What is Shilling looking for in a startup?

We’re guided by clear investment drivers. That reduces friction because we know we’re backing startups that have the same vision as us. So instead of pushing in different directions, we end up going faster together. 

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Disruptive ideas: either entering large markets quickly and taking bigger, heavier players by surprise or inventing new segments altogether.

Tech-Driven startups: we think technology is a vehicle for change. So we’re always on the lookout for cutting-edge technology or startups that reinvent new tech for old markets.

Strong, Balanced Teams: Hard work won’t get you anywhere, if you don’t have teamwork. So we’re looking for founders with experience and with complementary skills.

Scalable Business Models: that’s just how we roll. We’re looking for ideas that are designed to grow quickly.

This is what we’re looking for.
Now all you have to tell us is if we’re looking for you.
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