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Work as one, win as one:
we’re all in this together

The Shilling Founders Fund works on a profit-sharing model. So when one of our startups triumphs, everybody in our portfolio wins.

We’re all in it to win

The founders we back, our Founder LPs, advisors and team members: everybody has skin in the game.
We all share the podium and the profits.

Our promise is to make a great team out of this community, where every founder has each other’s back.
To help and to support. To leverage our network.
To make the most of our diversity. To celebrate.

This is the Shilling way.

Shilling Sticker: All in this together, Founders Fund

We couldn’t do it without you.

That’s not something you hear from VCs very often.
But our success depends on your ideas, work, and drive.
And what kind of a team leaves-out key members from the celebrations?

Not this kind.

Some questions you might have:

Created by founders, for founders: the Shilling Founders Fund. It makes every founder a part of the fund and provides the support we wish we had when we were starting out.

Its profit-sharing model means all the founders we invest in get a share of the profits we make.

It’s that simple. And that game-changing.

How does it work?

Just like stock options for your employees: the moment we invest in you, we give you the option to receive a part of the profits of our fund.

Why did we adopt this model?

As founders, you are a critical part of the team. Without you, we don't succeed. So when we succeed, it’s only fair to share the rewards with you.

We have seen other funds take similar measures. We congratulate them. We haven’t seen enough, however, and challenge every VC that calls itself community-based to follow our lead and put their money where their mouth is.

How can you benefit from this?

The profit-sharing model is engineered to maximise the strength of the community.
It’s about founders putting other founders first, helping them overcome growth challenges and speed up their learning curve. 

So you won’t just benefit from getting a share of the profits. You’ll benefit all along the way, from a community that shares openly. That champions a sense of transparency. Leveraging each founder’s connections and lessons to every founder’s benefit.

No strings attached, no formal commitments, no upfront payments.
Just pure upside: if one of us wins, everybody wins.
It’s literally a win-win situation.
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