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Supporting your startup
beyond capital

Meet Platform: a pool of resources and insights we have in place for our founders to tap into and run their companies smoothly.
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Our most valuable asset

Founders, advisors, investors, experts and leaders.

Whether it be an introduction, an office-hour, or simply a talk, we can leverage the network we have been growing over the years for you.
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Insights and tools

The collective knowledge and learnings of all our portfolio and network, which we have packaged for you in a sharable format. Our mission here is that one founder's learnings serves as another founder's short-cut. Transparency is key here, because everything is crowd-sourced by first hand experiences, and these learnings bring much needed structure to kick off a company.
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Paving the road forward

A big part of Platform is helping our portfolio companies think about their fundraising strategy, even before they start fundraising. So that when they do, they have all the support they need in place, from intros, to pitch deck, dataroom structures and everything else.
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