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Real Estate

I was born in Lisbon, but I didn’t stay long. I lived and studied in Madrid for almost 15 years. And then in Boston.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one here at Shilling who really believes Portugal has everything that it takes to be a great launchpad for a company - it’s one of our core beliefs.
So when it was time to set up my own business, I came back to Lisbon.

The company, Worx, is one of the leading real estate consultants in Portugal. And it was the result of a long and fruitful career in real estate that started at the multinational firm Knight Frank, where I became the youngest Managing Director and since 2010 represents BNP Paribas Real Estate in Portugal.

This reflects the way I think about life: success comes to those that enjoy what they do.

And if you follow your dreams, success will follow you.

Real Estate is still my favourite area to invest in. I’m interested in fintechs and other startups, too, but there’s something special about Real Estate. It's a fantastic investment.
Especially if you buy when everyone wants to sell and sell when everyone wants to buy.
When everybody zigs, you zag.

There’s a lesson for founders there, of any sector, I think: business opportunities come when you go against the flow. When you think differently to everybody else. And when you take risks nobody else will take.

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