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Areas of expertise:
Investment banking, Retail, QSR, Commercial and residential real estate

There’s a lesson all founders learn, at one point or another. Some learn it really early. Some learn it later - the hard way. But being put in a hard spot brings out the best in you: it tests your character, builds your resistance, makes you more.

I learned this the really hard way, as I found myself managing leveraged funds back in the 2008 financial crisis.
(If you’re a younger founder, you might want to google this.)
It’s not a situation I would wish on anybody.

But it pushed me into a period of proactivity, productivity and entrepreneurship like I don’t think I’d ever experienced. I set up and ran a single family office. I co-founded Food4kings, negotiating a license from Burger King to create the 2nd franchisee in Portugal and building that up to a network of 15 restaurants. I co-founded Symmetrical Courtesy, a real estate company focused on developing small and charming residential projects.
And I was an Angel Investor on a VC called Shilling.

At Shilling, I’m always looking for outstanding tech teams that want to reshape industries.
I think we all are. But I really enjoy following promising projects in the Hospitality and Real Estate industries.
And I love to invest in them.

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