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da Silveira

Areas of expertise:
Process Industries & Insurance

I believe that change is a powerful force. It is a key driver for the success of a company.

Change is what a startup must promise its consumers so that they’ll start using it. But it also needs to change the way the market works to appeal to investors. That’s why we say that we’re looking for game changers.

I have always promised, and regularly delivered, change to my stakeholders. Whether it be lower costs, better perception, improved processes, or exponential growth - growing, after all, is just changing in the right direction.

I am a seasoned CEO, with experience in multiple sectors, but an interest in M&A, IPOs, Turnaround and Exit challenges.

I have worked in 9 countries. I speak 5 languages. I have held C-level positions in several of Sonae’s companies. I was a McKinsey Partner. And I was the CEO of Portugal’s second largest exporter, who took a faceless company and turned it into a household brand.

That’s what I want to help founders do.
To change, to restructure, to grow, to buy better, to sell more.
And to succeed.

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