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Multi-cloud storage

I was born and raised in a small village in Baixo Alentejo so perhaps following computer sciences and taking a Master’s in Computer Networks wasn’t the most obvious road for me. Plenty of other simpler paths existed.

But I’ve never been a fan of taking the easy way. I’ve always felt that I have to push myself to the limit and face all the challenges with strength and determination. It is only when we get out of our comfort zone that there we amaze ourselves, and do things we were almost sure were impossible.

And if I say that hard work always compensates, I have the receipts to prove it:

It was by giving it everything I had in my very first job at university that I came to the concepts and developed the tech that later became Vawlt Technologies. 

What is Vawlt? It’s a Multi-cloud storage startup that accelerates and secures your transition to the cloud world, with lasting economic benefits. It is helping companies improve their cloud data security strategy and really pushing the state of the art in its area.

I am really passionate about what we’re doing here.
So I won’t stop, not until we’re one of the most recognized companies worldwide regarding multi-cloud storage.

And as we make our way there, it’s great to have an investor like Shilling by our side. They have a fully hands-on approach with us:are always available to discuss, help, and provide guidance. They really are a part of the team.

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