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When we set out to make Probely, a reference in the security testing world, we had a specific problem in mind. We had a solution to that problem. And we had a great team that believed we could do it.

Founding a business is tough. A lot of highs. A few lows. Having to take a tough HR call knowing that it will impact the person on the other side of the table is really tough, for example. But on the other hand, every time I hire someone, I feel so proud of what we achieved at Probely. Of the fact that we keep growing. Of the team that we’re building.

But right at the beginning, we knew we were missing an institutional investor. 

We ended up picking Shilling because of the people there. They seemed smart and experienced. We immediately got a vibe that they knew how to take startups further. 

And we haven’t been disappointed. Sure, they ask hard questions - but those are the right ones. And when they put pressure, it always pushes us to do better. They question and suggest everything in a very pragmatic way. 

They help us. 

It’s that easy.

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