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Pinto Basto

AdTech, MarTech, BigData, Privacy

Doing my MBA, that took me from London to San Francisco to Shanghai, I got to see the power of ideas in action, all around the world. And then I learned in my very first job as an informatics engineer in a big corporate how frustrating it is to see good ideas, enthusiasm and innovation get slowed down, sometimes entirely ground to a halt, by bureaucracy. So I wanted to leave the corporate world. I wanted to feel the excitement of building something out of an idea that could disrupt the institutionalised business models.

So I quit, all the stability that my corporate job was bringing me. And I decided to race after a dream and an idea: Modatta.

An idea that was designed, tested, that incorporated user feedback and was perfected. 

Now, I’m happy to see thousands of people using and product that was born out of that. And that just proves how powerful an idea can be, if it’s fuelled by passion and steered in the right direction.

And now, Modatta is an idea that’s striving to build the largest decentralised database of quality consented personal data, to promote privacy, enable meaningful and positive interactions between individuals and companies and create a balanced system where everybody wins.

I’m a  big fan of driving cars and motorbikes so I know a good road when I’ve see one. It’s been a rollercoaster, sure, but we’ve had a great ride so far. 

And it’s been good having Shilling by our side, with its experience driving startups to success, general partners experience and network.

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