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Barata Simões

IoT, Payments

We go fast: we implemented and launched Elecctro and became market leaders in Portugal in a couple of years. It was our proof to the competition that we’re able to build better, faster and more competitively priced.

Now the goal is to replicate our  success in Portugal to other markets and become market leader at a global scale with VendIoT, which is Elecctro's IoT cloud-based platform specifically developed for the unattended market.

I’ve known since my first job that I need to work in something that motivates me so I can maintain focus and overcome the obstacles along the way. And working on something like this really energizes me: it’s a project that I’m incredibly proud of. 

I stopped by several professional experiences along the way, until I got to a point where I thought I had learned enough to set out to start something of my own.

Of my own, but not by myself: my close friends and co-founders accepted the challenge of joining me.

And then we had Shilling be our very first investor, too. That gave us a huge advantage: we got to jump-start Elecctro in 2015. The actual value of that investment for Elecctro was gigantic! 

We’ve already proved that we have the drive, the dedication, the technical and business skills to keep growing. So that’s what we’ll do: we’ll keep going.

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