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Braga Malta


Entrepreneurship has always been one of my greatest passions. I am so driven by it, that I started Cell2B as a why not kind of call: I had identified an unmet medical need, believed I had a solution, and that I could make it commercial.

And I never really saw an alternative to launching Cell2B. It seemed like the obvious, almost the only thing to do.

It was my very first job. We focused on the development of cell therapies for the cure of immune and inflammatory diseases And we had some very promising results.

It taught me that experience is as important as drive. So I’ve been focusing on getting different experiences since: as Venture Consultant for Caixa Capital, helping to establish a Life Sciences investment policy for Portugal, for example. Or getting nominated as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper after serving as the curator of the Lisbon Hub, where I could commit to improving the state of the world.

Translating my passion into launching different companies has been my life’s work.
But also my pleasure and my pride.
I guess you could say, too, that it’s in my DNA.

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