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One of the clearest memories I have from my semi-pro, Tennis-playing, trophy-winning days is lying in bed, at night, crying on the night before a game. I was in pain: real, physical pain. But when you want to compete, when you want to excel, when you want to win - that’s just part of the ride.

Running a business is just like that. It’s one of the most fulfilling things in the world: people become proud of you. And you can directly make the team happy and look up. But it’s tough. I’ve never faced so many challenges. Never had to factor in so many unknowns. And sometimes it hurts, but you have to power through whatever is trying to hold you back. You excel, and the ride gets priceless.

This is my first business: Betmarkets. And I think that this philosophy is part of the reason why we’re on the right road. Why we’re on our way to be successful.

Another huge part, of course, is that I know we found an unanswered need. I’m also a numbers man, and I found that sports betting had the ingredients of a financial market: liquidity and diverse stakeholders. I started paying monthly subscriptions to international bettors to receive their betting selections by email, and, when I got them, I had to place the bets right after, otherwise markets would adjust and the value would be gone. I was frustrated - and I realised so were many other “investors” like me. So Betmarkets was born. We’re building a product that has the potential to change the perception that society has of sports betting. Completely turning it around from an addiction to a fair financial market.

We can change a shady industry known for bad practices and profiting from vulnerable people, into a sustainable and transparent one.
We can turn this industry around.
And if we do, it’ll have been worth it.

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