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Our investment in Musiversal

The platform empowering music creators

Shilling Team
13 September 2021

The recorded music industry is traditionally supported by three pillars — writing, recording/production, and distribution. Back in the old days, the production part of the process depended on having a band or hiring musicians, booking studio time, and doing as many recording sessions were needed until the desired final product was achieved. It still works that way for artists topping the charts who are backed by major labels and have access to all resources needed to put out a single or an album. Artists who are just starting out, or even non-professional musicians who still want to record their music, often need to find more accessible alternatives.

Luckily, they exist. And today, we are thrilled to announce we are investing in the one we find the most promisingMusiversal.

The Portugal-based platform was founded in September 2020 and, through a monthly subscription, it allows music creators to book sessions with musicians, producers, and audio engineers directly from their homes.

Musiversal’s mass-market approach to music production gives users — composers, songwriters, producers or musicians themselves — the possibility to record their music without the need for in-person, often very expensive sessions. By paying a monthly subscription fee, users have access to a limited number of sessions for which they can hire top-quality session musicians, producers or engineers across the globe. The live streaming component offers a competitive advantage of efficiency, enabling creators to record multiple takes of a full instrument track in only 30 minutes, compared to the online alternatives which often demand endless emailing back and forth and no guarantee of quality. In offering this option, Musiversal is disrupting music production by granting clients access to professional musicians, allowing them to produce much better quality music than they would by simply resorting to samples or music production software.

This year, Musiversal has already achieved a milestone of providing 3,500 recording sessions every month, but we are looking forward to a future where we will see the numbers grow to between 20,000 and 50,000 monthly subscribers.

Musiversal’s founding team showcases a very interesting skill set and they can definitely achieve that goal. André Miranda, founder and CEO, has education in music and music business, with a proven track record of achieving strong traction and sales in the seed stage, and extensive knowledge of the music market on both the supply and demand side. Martin Quach, co-founder and CGO, previously worked in companies such as Google and Red Bull and has contributed significantly to attracting interest and traction to Musiversal, leading to its expected fast growth in the coming months. And finally, Xavier Jameson, co-founder and Product Expert, has been dedicated to developing the platform based on musicians’ and clients’ feedback to improve their experience and offer the best possible product.

At Shilling, we’re not only investing in Musiversal but we’re also dedicated to supporting the founding team with our network of later-stage founders and investors, in order to maximize Musiversal’s potential and graduate the founding team from being a successful seed-stage team into becoming a top-tier Series A, and above, founding team. With our support, the Musiversal founding team will have the opportunity to skip over potential early-stage mistakes and scale the business in the shortest amount of time. We are thrilled to be able to provide this support and continue to prove to seed-stage founders around Europe that we are the right choice when raising capital.

You can read more about Musiversal here.

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