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You can only unleash your potential if you are emotionally healthy.

We worry so much about how we treat our bodies, keeping them fit and free of disease. But then there’s no emotional health system, for example.

We realized that too late, when my mum had burnout syndrome and suffered from a major depression.

But that thought drove us to be the change that the health system needs:

It’s not the quality of the professionals, but how the system works around illness and not health.
We have to turn that around.

And it’s great to feel like we’re answering our mission, pushing for this very positive change, and being successful at the same time: we were considered one of the Top 10 startups in Brazil by Linkedin in 2020, for example.

We’ve had some ups and downs along the road, which is only natural.
But we worked and talked our way through them with compassion, resilience and drive.
Which is the healthiest way to do it.

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