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I always choose people over projects or companies. It’s the right team that I’m looking for.

And if I believe in the team, I’m much more likely to believe in the idea.
I’ve been like this for more than 20 years: in my very first job, I had a great first boss and she made such an impact in my career and personal development. She continues to be one of my good friends. When I compared that experience to others where I had to work with bad bosses, I realised the importance that people make. 

I started to use that insight to help guide me through my career in consumer goods and the beverage industry (wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks) both from the producer and brand-owner side as well the importer/distributor; in multinational, privately owned and startup businesses.

One highlight of that career was the first time I worked for a privately held company: it was in a very traditional sector like the wine business, during the last recession (2009-). And against all the odds I delivered probably the best 3-year financial results they had in their 70 years old worth of business.

Being able to see the whole business, being part of a team that then delivered outstanding results, developing new brands, innovating, being able to do it all on a global level, felt incredible.

I got hooked to the adrenaline that I felt when I took chances. That’s when I realised that I could have a much bigger impact and took the leap into China’s startup scene and “riskier” businesses.

I write, participate in conferences and debates about management, leadership, diversity and inclusion. I live to provide support and to bring positive energy and a strong sense of purpose.

And I have been a mentor for many years, fuelling the dreams of entrepreneurs. It’s something that I care about. It’s something that motivates me. 

So actually, I’m just getting started.

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